How to Become a Professional Racing Car Driver

There is no doubt that there are plenty of people, men, and women as well, who are passionate about car racing, and many of them actually build a career out of this wonderful passion. If you are in the same situation, but you have no idea where to start from, then we will show you in the following how to become a professional racing car.

Learn the Basics

Before you do anything else, you need to learn the basics of race car driving. What we recommend you do is to try driving a go-kart. Even though racing sounds fun it is not a sport for everyone. In order to make sure this is exactly what you want, you need to try go-karting first, which is affordable and extremely easy to get started in. Once you have tried it for a few times, you should get serious about karting. If you really like doing this on small courses, then you better move up to the real karts, the places where most of the professional race car drivers start out. A kart is cheaper to own an maintain as well than a race car, which means it is an affordable way to actually start racing regularly while you improve your skills.

Learning the basics also includes taking a racing class after you got used to karting and you are very good at it. Your local race track most probably has driving classes with some regularity. Therefore, sign up for a class that has plenty of good reviews and it is reputable. At this class you will learn the skills and all the necessary strategies for being a professional driver. Practice as much as possible in your car. You must never race your car on public roads, but you can still practice race essentials that are applicable in everyday driving. For example, you can focus on looking far down the road instead of looking directly in front of you.

Start Competing with Race Cars

The next step is to start competing with race cars. Join the SCCA by signing up for your local Sports Car Club of America chapter. The SCCA organizes regular events at tracks all over the country. These events range from basic autocrossing to very serious and important amateur competitions. Visit the SCCA official website and fill out the necessary forms. Before the competition you will also need to get a physical from a doctor. Buying your own race car is also a very important step that will help you achieve your goal.

If you are a beginner then you can buy a cheap car and outfit it for the race track. Small sports car such as Porsche 914s and Mazda Miatas are extremely popular at SCCA events due to the fact that they are not only perfect for learning to drive but quite affordable as well. You also have the choice to rent a sports car, and your local SCCA chapter should recommend you a good place for renting a high-quality sports car. Make sure you buy all the equipment you need to feel safe and comfortable at all times.

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