Automobile Trade Shows in Poland

Poland is one of the most amazing countries to visit and also an excellent place for car enthusiasts. Every year, this country hosts several interesting and exciting automobile trade shows where visitors come from all over the world. We strongly recommend you to attend any of them if you really want to experience something memorable in terms of cars. Therefore, if you want to find out more then here are the best automobile trade shows in Poland which you must definitely go for.


Auto Moto Arena

This is considered the biggest automotive show in north-eastern Poland. At this event will be displayed several types of cars such as Vintage cars as well as American, Motorcycles, and scooters. Furthermore, visitors will have the chance to enjoy an exposition of innovative auto parts, car accessories, insurance, and leasing and credit offers from various car dealers. The Auto Moto Arena is the perfect show for anyone who is interested in cars and not only. Every year, there are around 3,000 visitors and between 50 and 100 exhibitors.

Ptak Warsaw Exp

This is an extremely large International Exhibition & Conference Center in Warsaw, Poland, which is actually dedicated to all sort of fairs, congresses, conferences, and other events including auto shows. There is not more and not less than 143,000 sqm of exhibition space where every year are displayed plenty of cars. Motorcycle Show is a very popular show that this location hosts it every year, and where are presented the latest models of motorcycles. On the official website those who are interested in this type of events can find all the necessary information about the upcoming events in this category.

Retro Motor Show

Another wonderful automobile trade show in Poland that we would like to recommend to all car enthusiasts is the Retro Motor Show. This event is excellent especially for vintage cars lovers, as it features many displays of vintage cars as well as cars accessories. The event gathers annually around 2,000 visitors, and it is being held at the end of November, in Poznan. If you really want to visit this part of Poland, then make sure you do it in November so that you can also attend the Retro Motor Show for an unforgettable experience.

MotoSerwis Expo

The third interesting and attractive automobile trade show in Poland is the MotoSerwis Expo, which takes place every year in April. Basically, this event features exciting displays of innovative cars as well as various models of motorcycles. The show is being held in Sosnowiec, Poland, a very beautiful region of this country that certainly worth a visit. MotoSerwis Expo gathers every year around 1,000 car & motorcycle enthusiasts. For more information, those who are interested in this show can visit the official website.


Poland is a wonderful country where you could definitely spend a lovely vacation. However, what we want to highlight in this article is the fact that this country also hosts some great automobile trade shows that car enthusiasts should attend for an unforgettable experience. Keep in mind that all the above events are annual.

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